Fleeing and Eluding Charged Dismissed

Individual charged with felony fleeing and eluding third degree had all cases dismissed at preliminary exam.  Attorney Jason Barrix convinced the prosecutor that he could not prevail forcing the prosecutor to dismiss for lack of evidence.

Accused of distributing Marijuana and Methamphetemine Pleads to simple possession of
Marijuana and Maintianing a Drug House

Barrix Law Firm represented a client who was accused of Possession with inetent to Distribute Marijuana a four year felony, Possession of Methamphtemine a ten year felony, five counts of possessing illegal prescriptions and maintaing a drug house.  At the Preliminary Exam client plead to the Two year misdemeanor maintaining a drug house and simple possession of Marijuana.

Insurance Company reluctantly pays Barrix Law Firm Client $205,000.

Barrix Law Firm represented a woman who suffered a herniated disc in an auto accident.  The insurance companyrefused to settle.  The clients prior attorney had hoped to settle the matter for $100,000.  The client left the prior attorney because she did not feel she was getting the attention her case deserved.  The Barrix Law Firm immediately filed suit hired a vocational rehabilitation expert as well an economist.  The insurance company finally agreed to resolve the case for $205,000.  The attention,extra effort and reputation of the Barrix Law Firm resulted inthe client recieving 2 times the other attorneys best outcome scenario.  Additionally when the Barrix Law Firm case first took the case the insurance company offered $0.

Carly Miller v. Paul Stanely and the KISS Company et al;

The Barrix Law Firm represented a young women who was injured at a concert venue.  That case made headlines accross the United States and the foreign press.  Further since that case, the Barrix Law Firm has been consulted by lawyers throughout the country for conert venue cases as well as those who have been injured at these events to represent them.

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