Introducing the Law Office of Jason Barrix

The Barrix Law Firm P.C. is a law firm concentrating its practice in the areas of Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Drivers License Restoration.

The Barrix Law Fim P.C. is a Michigan law firm that has successfully fought for the seriously injured, the wrongly accused, and the reinstatement of driving privileges for their clients throughout the State of Michigan.


The Barrix Law Firm P.C. represents personal injury accident victims who have been injured due to:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Work-Related Accidents

Jason Barrix has been fighting for you since 1993. Offering free legal advice and consultation on all personal injury cases.  Contact us  today at 1-877-4-BARRIX or email us at the The Barrix Law Firm to get legal help now!


Have you or someone you know been arrested or charged with a crime?  If yes contact us for a free telephone consultation at 1-877-4-BARRIX(1-877-422-7749) or contact us here.

The Law Office of Jason Barrix has been fighting for the wrongly accused since 1993.  We recognize that often times people are guilty of less serious offenses or nothing at all.  We employ the use of polygraphs, private detectives, and forensic specialists to assist in your defense.  We handle all criminal cases and represent clients in all Michigan Courts. Click Criminal Defense at the left to learn more about our criminal defense practice.  We also accept all credit cards and offer easy payment options.  If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime contact the The Barrix Law Firm or call toll free 1-877-4-BARRIX. Were here for you!


Do you need a Driver's License?  Do you need your Driver's License if so then call toll free 1-877-422-7749 or contact us here.

The Barrix Law Firm has the experience you need in front of the Secretary of State.  We know the importance of having your license. If you have lost your license click Driver's License Restoration at the left to learn how to get your license to drive.  We know the requirements and how to prepare you for your Driver License Appeal hearing.  Often persons appearing without counsel at the appeal hearing are poorly prepared and make critical mistakes not only causing them to be denied at the hearing but resulting in being denied for years to come.

We will prepare you by paying attention to your needs, history and the administrative rules so that when you are in front of the DAAD they will see the changes you have made and grant back your driving privleges.



"Dear Mr. Barrix, Thank you so much for all of your help regarding my case. I'm sure we're both equally satisfied with our success. It truly meant a lot to me! Take good care, "